Futuristic ‘Domain Names’

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Apr 8, 2019
The new futuristic era has begun

Did you know that we are already in the era of everything futuristic for the world? Already Saudi Arabia presented the first Robots as Sophia and a new futuristic city called Neom is expected. It is said that by 2020 everything will be related to this word ‘Futuristic’ from Robots, Holograms, Air Taxis, Museums and everything that appeals to this name that we know will be the new era that will change the world in its entirety.

You are ready for the change?

That’s where the new millionaires will come from. The resurgence of the era of the domains. Already Infiniti in the automotive industry broke the ice by taking out a new totally futuristic unit.
“Everything will change in this 2020”
Futuristic Banks, Trucks, Robots, Coins, Blockchains, Yacths, Motorcycles, Taxis, Hotels, Countires, Cities… Everything up to the phones!

The phone will disappear:

You see the iPhone Watch? The futuristic phones will come Watches with Holograms. Amazon made changes for the new way of doing your shipping via Drones.

Futuristic Supermarket

Already walmart is ready, amazon and alibaba for the modern futuristic wave. This will hurt the employee and only those who take advantage of it will benefit. The easiest life for the one who consumes but more difficult for the one who has a conventional job. You can go to the supermarket to make your food purchase you just need to have your Amazon app go and ready … You will not need to pay anywhere, made to the cart and with your cell phone you scan the food and follow it for your home, the app will Charge from your credit card. You can not do any kind of fraud since these shopping cars have a camera which will record your face to prevent theft.

Many countries know it!

It is said that many countries are already prepared to turn this new face. The new face of the world starting by Dubai Futuristic



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Oct 12, 2003
Does anybody else know what this thread is about? I think something has been lost in translation. Can it just be summed up with the obvious statement 'hey everyone in the future things will be more advanced than they are today'?


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May 9, 2006
New gTLDs perhaps?

But I agree a very subtle thematic approach