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GamingPipe.com for Sale (Developed and w/ Traffic) for Sale

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Mar 28, 2004
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"GamingPipe.com - 24/7 Syndicated News and Original Content" is for sale!

How it Works
The site uses a set of crontabs to perform all the maintenance that will keep it updating by itself. There is a database of 20+ gaming headline sources that are parsed every 30 minutes using the script and inserted into the database. The homepage automatically sorts them into categories and the game pages automatically load up all related headlines. You can add/edit/delete content, games, platforms, companies, etc. using the Cigmas Advanced CMS (http://cav.silverlime.ca) which is included in this sale.

44,786 Headlines
899 Companies
899 Games (coincidence)
18 Original Articles
22 News Sources
654 Inbound Links

From Urchin Web Analytics 5:

Average Sessions Per Day 292.50
Average Pageviews Per Day 670.75
Average Hits Per Day 1,188.75

Screenshot (Note that these are based on a 4-day range because we moved to a new server - but they are consistent over the past few months): Stats Screenshots

The site once recieved an average of 1800 uniques a day and all we did was add a couple articles a week to do that and submit it to all the gaming news sites (script included).

5 - we have not purchased links for this site until about a week ago and the PageRank has not increased, this is not manufactured.

We have Burst! Media and AdSense ads running on the site and we earn $1-$2 a day.

The site has a lot of potential for popups because 85.14% of the traffic is search engine traffic.

Asking Price
We are asking $1500 but will think about any offers over $750.
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