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Mar 28, 2007

Selling the following Country domain names:
15,300,000 Google results for "the-philippines"
58,300,000 Google results for "brunei darussalam"
1,439 overture for "brunei darussalam"

Looking for offers for 100+ Major City and Region domains.

These include Capital Cities, Major Cities and Regions.

Domains listed below with relevant stats:

Capital Cities:
"Mamoudzou is the capital of the French overseas collectivity of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean." Population: 53,022
248,000 Google results for "mamoudzou"

"Avarua is a town in the north of Rarotonga Island and the national capital of Cook Islands."
213,000 Google results for "avarua"

"The city of Luxembourg, also known as Luxembourg City, is a commune with city status, and the capital of Luxembourg. Population: 76,420."
460,000 Google results for "luxembourg city"
Google Monthly Search Volume: 18,100

"Andorra la Vella (2004 est. pop. 22,035) is the capital of the Co-principality of Andorra."
1,270,000 Google results for "andorra la vella"


"The City of Cabanatuan is a first class city in the Philippines. It is considered the economic hub of the province. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 222,859 people."
312,000 Google results for "cabanatuan"

"Misratah, Misrata or Misurata, a city and Sha'biyah (top level administrative division) in northwestern Libya... With a population of about 400,000 in 2000 and 2005 estimates, it is the third largest city in Libya after Tripoli and Benghazi."
729,000 Google results for "misurata"

"Hamhŭng is North Korea's second largest city, and the capital of South Hamgyŏng Province. Population: 874,000"
93,700 Google results for "hamhung"

"Kermanshah is the capital city of Kermanshah Province, Iran. The estimated population of the city is 822,921(year 2005)"
912,000 Google results for "kermanshah"

"São Bernardo do Campo is a municipality located in the Greater São Paulo, in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Population: 781,390"
4,160,000 Google results for "sao bernardo do campo"

"Lomas de Zamora is a city in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the capital of Lomas de Zamora Partido and has a population of 111,897."
2,440,000 Google results for "lomas de zamora"

"Bhiwandi is a city, in the district of Thane, India. Population: 598,703"
551,000 Google results for "bhiwandi"

"Haicheng is a county-level city of Anshan City, Liaoning Province, in the People's Republic of China. Haicheng has a population of 1,130,000"
285,000 Google results for "haicheng"

"Puente Alto is a city and commune of Chile. It is the capital of the Cordillera Province in the Santiago Metropolitan Region. Population: 492,603 (2002 census), making it the largest city in Chile."
1,550,000 Google results for "puente alto"

"Jiamusi is a prefecture-level city in the province of Heilongjiang, in the People's Republic of China. Population 1,755,000."
601,000 Google results for "jiamusi"

"Khulna is the third largest city in Bangladesh. population: 1,355,354."
599,000 Google results for "khulna"

"The City of General Santos is a city in the Philippines. The city has a population of 535,747 as of 2007, making it as one of the populous cities in the Philippines."
1,010,000 Google results for "general santos"

"Caxias do Sul is a city in Brazil. Population: 419,852"
3,800,000 Google results for "caxias do sul"

"Keelung City is a major port city situated in the northeastern part of Taiwan. Population: 388,976"
970,000 Google results for "keelung"

"Qinhuangdao is a city in Hebei province, China." Population: 2,805,400
863,000 Google results for "qinhuangdao"

"Fujieda is a city located in Shizuoka, Japan." Population (2006): 132,362
239,000 Google results for "fujieda"
1,300 Google monthly searches for "fujieda"
"A city of southwest Russia on the Don River... Population: 1,060,000."
754,000 Yahoo results for "rostov on don"
452 overture for "rostov on don"

"Dongyang is a Chinese city of about 800,000 people in the middle of Zhejiang Province."
1,180,000 Google results for "dongyang"

"Bhilai is the second-largest city in Chhattisgarh, India with a population of 553,837."
789,000 Yahoo results for "bhilai"
498 overture for "bhilai"
"Saint-Émilion is a commune in France... Saint-Émilion is one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux..."
1,840,000 Google results for "saint emilion"

"Nanded is the second largest city in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state of India. Population: 2,868,158."
470,000 Google results for "nanded"

"Tianshui is the second largest city in Gansu province in northwest China. Its population is approximately 3,500,000."
694,000 Google results for "tianshui"

"Latakia is the principal port city of Syria, capital of the Latakia Governorate. Its population is 554,000."
472,000 Google results for "latakia"

"Comilla is a city in south-eastern Bangladesh. Population: 419,623."
268,000 Google results for "comilla"

"Santiago de los Caballeros (the first "Santiago" of the Americas) is the second largest metropolis in the Dominican Republic... Population: 1,000,000 (approx.)"
296,000 Google results for "santiago de los caballeros"
"Namangan is the second-largest city in Uzbekistan (2006 pop. 432456.)."
331,000 Google results for "namangan"

"Nakuru, the provincial capital of Kenya's Rift Valley province, with roughly 300,000 inhabitants, and currently the fourth largest urban centre in the country."
1,150,000 Google results for "nakuru"

"Moradabad is a city and a municipal corporation in India. Population: 641,240 (2001)"
850,000 Google results for "moradabad"

"Huzhou is a prefecture-level city in northern Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China. Population: 2.57 million."
1,310,000 Google results for "huzhou"

"Jiaxing is a prefecture-level city in northern Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China. Population: 3,320,000 (2004)."
1,530,000 Google results for "jiaxing"

"Quzhou is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Zhejiang province, China. Population: 2,456,100 (2004)."
361,000 Google results for "quzhou"

"Thanjavur is a city and a municipality in India. Population: 215,725 (2001)."
945,000 Google results for "thanjavur"

"Huludao is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Liaoning Province, China. Population: 2,730,000."
93,200 Google results for "huludao"

"Sanandaj is the capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan. Population: 850,000."
421,000 Google results for "sanandaj"

Name of many large cities.
3,390,000 Google results for "santa rita"

"Tarsus is a city and a large district in Mersin Province, Turkey. Population: 348,205."
3,760,000 Google results for "tarsus"
"Gyumri is the capital and largest city of the Shirak province in northwest Armenia... with a population of 150,917 (2001 census), is the second-largest city in Armenia."
217,000 Google results for "gyumri"
"The city of El Alto is a suburb of La Paz, Bolivia... As of the 2001 census, the population was 649,958. The city contains La Paz's El Alto International Airport."
2,320,000 Google results for "el alto"

"Mudanjiang is a prefecture-level city in the People's Republic of China; population of 607,000."
775,000 Google results for "mudanjiang"
2,400 Google monthly searches

Considering reasonable Offers

Post/PM to make an offer

Please check whois for Registrar/Expiry.

Paypal accepted

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Mar 28, 2007
adding domain:

"Rohnert Park is a city in Sonoma County, California, United States. The estimated 2006 population was 41,083."
2,280,000 Google results for "rohnert park"
246,000 Google monthly for "rohnert park"


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Mar 28, 2007
adding domains:

"Loves Park is a city in Winnebago County, Illinois, United States. A special Census conducted in 2005 revealed the total population to have grown to 22,476."
868,000 Google results for "loves park"
90500 Google monthly search volume

"New Smyrna Beach is a city in Volusia County, Florida, United States. As of 2007, the population recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau is 23,161."
1,390,000 Google results for "new smyrna beach"
301,000 Google monthly search volume

"Olive Branch is a city in DeSoto County, Mississippi, United States. It is the ninth largest city in Mississippi. The United States Census Bureau estimates as of July 1, 2007, the population of Olive Branch has reached 30,635."
2,850,000 Google results for "olive branch"
246,000 Google monthly search volume

"Goose Creek is a city in the U.S. state of South Carolina. The population was 29,208 at the 2000 census."
1,670,000 Google results for "goose creek"
201,000 Google monthly search volume

"Vestavia Hills is a city in Jefferson and Shelby Counties in the U.S. state of Alabama. Population: 31,051"
628,000 Google results for "vestavia hills"
49,500 Google monthly search volume

"Eagle Pass is a city in Texas, United States. The population was 22,413 at the 2000 census."
1,220,000 Google results for "eagle pass"
110,000 Google monthly search volume
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