NEWS Google: .new only for the new


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Jul 28, 2005
We have seen domain extensions like .aero with a restricted target group. Google tries now something new:
the .new domain name has a restricted usage.

New-Domains are the ultimate domains for online activities. The New-Domains are self-explanatory domains: New-Domains produce something new.

If you want that recipients of your websites write news on your page or that visitors write new software programs at you page, or you want your customers, sales representatives, employees,or employees to create or edit documents, if you have a collection or catalog of books, video clips, documents, then register the New-Domain. For example, register to create tweets or to send invitations for events. The ICANN process of introducing new Top Level Domains continues. The registry of New-Domains has set the October 15, 2019 as the beginning of the Sunrise Period. Interested parties for the sunrise period must register at the Trademark Clearinghouse. General Availability starts on July 21, 2020.

The standard New-Domain costs in the general availability 449 US-Dollars per domain and year. Unlike many other domains, the New-Domain is cheaper during the sunrise period. The New-Domain costs 399 EUR at the sunrise period. In addition to the standard New-Domains, Premium .New-Domains are also offered. The price for the Premium New-Domains is not only due in the first year, but annually. What is the goal of the New-Domain? The New-Domain provides a secure space for the creation, management and cataloging of self-generated texts, documents and products. Google Registry has made sure that all New-Domains are added to the "HSTS preload list".