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Google PR - "myth" ?

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Aug 22, 2003
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Ever since PR became a comodity, all sorts of strange sites are winding up with high rank. Theres easy money to be made in buying and selling high PR links, so theres lots of incentive to artificially increase a sites rank. Its buyer beware.

"Blimey! Backs up my theory that PR is basically worthless."
What you have to do is find pages that are passing pagerank, and links on pages that are well targeted to yours. If you do that, its far from worthless.

"I pay $100 a month for a pr8. I would pay $150 for a pr9"
You got a deal. PR8's sell for $200-$500 depending on how many links out etc. PR9's are selling for $1000-$2000/mo. PR7's get $75-$150. These arent asking prices either. you get those amounts day in and day out selling at Linkadage.com.

"Does Google rank links on sites hosted at a parking place like Fabulous?"
Ive seen lots of names parked there with PR. They have to have links pointed to them though. If you can add links, It wouldnt hurt to try.

"Just do a redirect and point your domain to some site like ebay or amazon... let it suck up the PR, then take out the redirect and put a website on it. Voila, you have an artificial PR 9."
Always ask the seller to show you the pages the high PR is coming from. If there are no PR10's or 9's with links to the site, the PR is fake.
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Sep 17, 2002
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It is pitty domainspa.com don't use it at all at its advantage.
With a bit of right thinking they could get much more traffic.

BTW, selling links can be dangerous. You could soon ended with PR0.

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Apr 15, 2002
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mole said:

It's really surprising how much reliance some domainers place on Alexa when it can be so easily manipulated.

"Alexabooster.com will be closed for holidays from August 18, 2004 - August 28, 2004. The site will be left open however no support will be available nor will any orders be processed during this time."
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