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Feb 14, 2004
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Hello all,

Not sure if we have any Grand Theft Auto players out there, but they seem to be everywhere :p so I thought I would bring this up in case we have any on these forums!

Me and about 15 other talented folks have been working avidley on a Grand Theft Auto network for the last 10 months. We have about 10 .com domains and paid hosting - Im telling you that you dont get some image of a little cruddy Angelfire site or something. We cover all the "Oldschool" GTA's, GTA3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Each one has its own site. We also have forums, and other types of GTA related webistes within our network.

We are in need of people who are good with Invision Power Board, Scripting languages like PHP or MySQL (or anything else you are very talented in), graphics designers, anything that you yourself are very talented in and could benefit us.

We are a non-profit site with all volunteer work. With the 16 great staff we have - we have already gotten very far. If you are interested in joining our great site, please send me a PM saying what you are talented in, and showing me some samples of your past work.

Thank You,
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