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Feb 5, 2004
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Premium Domain: Halflife.org​

Asking Price

Starting Bid: $1,800
BIN: $2,250


I am selling the prestigious domain Halflife.org. I had acquired this domain a few months ago with the intention of possibly flipping it for a profit, which is why I'm selling it. I do not plan on selling it under $2,000 so if no interested parties are interested in that range, I will probably be developing the site myself.

What is Halflife?

Halflife is the 6th most popular computer game of all time. Ask any gamer what Halflife is, and they'll be able to tell you. Ever hear of Counterstrike or the many other similar mods? They're all mods of Halflife.

Halflife 2 came out with a major bang, revolutionizing the FPS (first-player-shooter) world. Valve, the company behind Halflife, has since decided to release all future Halflife games at a much quicker pace, in distributions called Edisodes. Halflife 2: Episode 1 has already been released, and Halflife 2: Episode 2 is due to be released in about a month, where a new mod called Portal, and the much anticipated sequal to Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress, will be shipped with it. The faster development of these makes Halflife even more prevelent and known in the gaming industry.

Domain Statistics

-> #6 on Google for "halflife" *See Below
-> #11 on Google for "half life" *See Below
-> #7 on Google for "half-life" *See Below
-> Google PR of 4 *See Below
-> Has been a developed site since 1998-2005 (Archive.org)
-> Over 276 million results on Google for "half life"
-> Halflife.com is currently for sale for $1,000,000

*This information was taken before I had listed it on Sedo. Once on Sedo, Google updated it's SERPs as it knows its being parked. I would assume once the domain gets unparked and developed and Google updates it's SERPS that it will get relisted.


Halflife.org is currently listed on Sedo and making a few bucks per month.

Continued Growth:

The Halflife franchise is only growing. It is being ported to next-Gen consoles such as the XBox 360 and for the PC, Half-Life 2: Episode Two is set for release in the second quarter of 2007. This release will be very big as it is being shipped with additional games Portal and the eagerly awaited Team Fortress 2. More information


Love the domain but not exactly sure what to do with it? Here are just a handful of ideas:

-> Forum; can't get a better domain for a Halflife forum..
-> Turn into a quick-n-dirty site and use PPC Arbitrage on it
-> Become an affiliate and sell HL games, merchandise, etc.
-> Develop into a large HL site


Most serious potential buyers will be concerned about possible copyright/trademark issues with the domain. I'm not a lawyer, so I cannot advise you legally here, but I will provide you with some background info.

Valve is a company who welcomes free publicity, not one who repels it (such as our beloved Microsoft). Halflife.com is currently on sale for $1,000,000 and Halflife.us is for sale too. There are TONS of MAJOR sites with 'halflife' in domain such as Halflife2.net and HalflifeSource.com. You'd think these sites wouldn't exist if Valve wanted to sue them.

I honestly don't think there would be any problem whatsoever in terms of legalities, but again that is for the buyer to investigate.

Payment Details

I can accept payment via PayPal, Neteller, or Bank Wire. I can accept via Escrow.com is buyer pays the fee.

If you're interested, please contact me at tylercruz@gmail.com - do not PM me here as I rarely check PM's.

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