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Jun 6, 2004
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The URL listed is only one URL included in the sale. Please read below for full details.

This sale is for a Health & Wellness Company. I no longer have the time to really work on it as I have dedicated time and money 100% in another direction due to personal circumstances.

If I saw a sale like this one year ago, I would have been extremely excited. I put in a tremendous amount of time researching and creating what is featured in this sale, and it would have saved me a lot of time.

Here is what is included in the sale with the amount invested thus far by me in parentheses:

1) 11 Dietary Supplement Product Lines & ~4200 Unit Inventory Stocked/Ready to Ship at Fulfillment Center
-- (~$20,000 invested) Inventory of ~4200 Products already at Fulfillment Center
-- (~$3,000 invested) Includes Labels, Label Design (PSD format) for 11 Unique Products
-- (~Intangible~) Branding could be considered very "High Quality" - Products are well done, well researched, appear "high quality" in name and appearance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the names, branding, logos, etc. put into these product lines.
-- (~Intangible~) Formulas are well-researched and were the most effective combinations we could find based on studies, and what is selling, etc. They are a variety of products.

2) (~$2100 invested) 80 Domains Including Premium Domains
-- Domains that include the .net and .org of many of the product names
-- Company domain
-- Premium domains (1-3) that are solid names. One was purchased for $800 and we can provide receipt to verify.
-- Other high-quality future product line domain names reserved as part of 80 (will make sense when you have list)

3) Business Specifics
-- (~$350 invested) Florida LLC & Registered Agent/Attorney Contact & Operating Agreement
-- (~$3200 invested) Product Insurance for Liability - $463/mo. payments monthly on pmt plan - 10 of 11 products insured - 11th can be insured for additional ~$1k premium because of Yohimbe exception needed
-- (~Intangible~) Merchant Account(s) contacts (approval required, but already operating with one, and have great contacts for others that deal with supplement industry)
-- (~Intangible~) Reliable fulfillment center (where products are at) where you get responses to your questions, and that has no minimum fee aside from about a $30-$50 a month storage fee (most fulfillment centers will charge rates of $500 a month min). Also, the negotiated rates are very good at $0.95 per shipment (plus postage and other fees)

4) Affiliate Program Already Integrated - CPA Networks & Google Affiliate Network
-- ($4500 startup fee paid) DirectTrack and 2 hours remaining of Personalized Training Remaining
---> DirectTrack connects you with 300+ CPA Networks that often cross-publish your offers with no deposit required. This is helpful to roll-out offers and is primary reason I chose DT. I also have a spreadsheet of the contact emails and/or phone numbers of many/all of the networks participating in Cross-Publishing - $500/mo. fee starts Novemeber / was waived through October for new account
---> 3 Offers already configured and in DirectTrack, just need to contact the networks
---> Special Note (If you are possibly also interested in starting your own CPA Affiliate Network in the future): You also will have included a domain name for a cool CPA network if you decide to upgrade to the remaining $6K to the CPA network package. Also, I do have video unedited from our model talking about joining the network for the potential website. The domain I reserved in case we did start a CPA network is very cool, you'll like it.

-- ($2000 fee + deposit paid) Google Affiliate Network already accepted and implemented with 2 sites - $500/mo. min.
---> 200+ affiliates approved recently, haven't had time to reach out and connect with them (hence the sale)

5) (~$5000 invested) Web Design, Video Model Footage & Implementation, Shopping Cart Integration
-- 3 Landing Pages currently "live" with great design and video model (former Miss Canada runner-up) already implemented
-- Shopping cart technology that actually had the right capabilities allowing for upsells, etc. The shopping cart is integrated and configured for these 3 landing pages.
-- Copywriting for the Live Sales Person that appears on the website, one autoresponder messages written for one product
-- Some "old school" sales copy for almost all of the products, if not all of them
-- 2 videos finished with Miss Canada runner up (with model release) and we have unedited with blue back-drop for about 5 more products finished and that could be transfered to buyer
-- Excellent Page Design with Javascript timer, PSD files for graphic elements, etc.

6) (~Intangible~) Contacts
- Contract manufacturer contact - This is huge because you need to be able to get products produced in the future from someone who will give you good pricing and CALLS YOU BACK. Try contacting contract manufacturers and see if they give you the time of day when you are producing low quantities to start. This is tough. These guys are good. And we have a couple of contacts also. Can produce products quickly compared to other manufacturers.
-- Label creation & reliable label manufacturers
-- Landing page designers (hard to find someone that can ACTUALLY create great landing pages)
-- Merchant Account(s) contacts (approval required, but already operating with one, and have great contacts for others that deal with supplement industry)
-- Where / How to get video talent
-- A fulfillment center who calls you back (our contact is the President of the fulfillment center the products are at) with no minimums
-- Information on what CRMs to upgrade to when you have the $.

7) (~$1500) Advertising Input, Creatives & Testimonials
-- ~50 Banners/Creatives
-- Where / How to advertise offline with low startup costs (can give you general advice on what I've learned for 1 hour or so or a time negotiated)
-- Where / how to get traffic (can give you general advice on what I've learned for 1 hour or so or a time negotiated)
-- Where / how to get affiliates (can give you general advice on what I've learned for 1 hour or so or a time negotiated)
-- A very good quality radio commercial (60 seconds) already recorded and ready to go
-- A TV commercial (moderate quality) that will be included that aired briefly (twice as a test, should have aired it longer, but this was with old school landing page design that I decided to re-design to current designs)
-- (~Intangible~ / payments will be made when tests are complete) Testimonials - In production we have a few people testing products that will provide video testimonials / also can give you information on how to get more

We've had about 10 sales for about $1000 profit when I test the "old school" landing page of one product a few months ago. It sucked, and I switched from sales letter format to a more CPA friendly format. They just got finished and are "live" just recently (like last week).

This is a great opportunity for those with a lot of time and money or the ability to outsource or who work with other people. It is not perfect, but I have put a lot of time into it and I think it is a great opportunity for someone with more time than I have. I am looking to profit for the time involved in putting these things together, in addition to the actual expense of the money invested, along with the quality of the work and products that exists here. It has taken about a year to research everything, and get everything actually in order and produced and a lot of time and energy. Also, the product lines you would have rights to/ownership of and because they are high quality, I believe there is some real value there as well. So, all of these things you can do yourself, sure. It just might take you a hell of a long time to do it all and you might save some time by getting quality products and a system and inventory that is all "ready to go".

Please PM me with any questions and note that obviously I have to pre-qualify possible buyers to save time and also to sort out who has the funds to actually complete the purchase. I also have this listed elsewhere.

If you've researched the positive health & wellness industry trends and also marketing opportunities (CPA marketing is booming online, for example), you may find that this is a great opportunity for you.

I would like to complete the sale with a service like (buyer covers fee). Depending on contract date, payments can be pro-rated for monthly obligations.
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Oct 9, 2007
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Whats your cash to debt?

How much revenue are we looking at yearly?

Can you provide a tax return for the LLC?


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Jun 6, 2004
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Hello Credit,

The LLC was formed in 2009. There is no cash to debt as there isn't any debt really. There are some monthly obligations. This is essentially a startup and asset sale. Most details are in the post. Please PM me for any further details and I'd be happy to clarify anything additional for you.
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