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Hectic Few Days - And Surprising Results

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Bill Roy

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Dec 5, 2005
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Well since my accidental return to domaining (see my previous thread: You Never Stop Being A Domainer!!!!!!!!! ;o) ) it has been an exceptionally hectic time. It seems that hunting out domains is something I enjoy again, though I have kept looking for the unusual as was my want in years gone past. :)

Of course I can trace it from the start with finding for sale, but that led me riding an outward spiral, producing a spider-graph and working my way both round and through it, researching the subject/s, checking literally thousands of domains (must be close to 10,000 by now), registering some that were available, making lists of others for possible future acquisition, and of course lists of owners and expiry dates of those domains that were not available, even making notes of owners of developed sites. I have restricted myself to registering about 70 domains at the moment (though this is likely to increase :D ), but the majority of these have veered away from my original portfolio plan somewhat and therefore have created a new grouping away from my very first initial ideas. Of course this has all been done whilst working full-time on other projects.

So, having acquired the domains I now have to settle down and getting the first portfolio of about 60 domains developed. This will mean having a designing a template (but I may go for actually getting the template and logo(s) designed for me), writing logical articles for the sites, SEO'ing the sites (not my favourite job ever), and of course deciding how to monetize them. (There are a multitude of other steps as well, but you will all know them.)

Hopefully the first of the sites will be up by the end of next week, then it will simply be a case of producing content for the other sites in the portfolio and changing it for that of the first site. I just do really wish there were more hours in the day. o_O

So, 'onwards and upwards' as the saying goes, what tomorrow brings we do not know - but it will undoubtedly include acquiring more domains. ;)
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