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HELP Please. Domains hijacked, called in said you have to email


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Feb 27, 2006
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Thank you for reading and any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I got email saying domain name change of registration pending. I was supposed to have a lock on my account from years ago when this happened before. I call in ASAP and while on hold 4 more emials come on on more

The lady on phone tells me her plan book says there is nothing she can do. I GO WHAT? she puts me on hold to read all the alerts she says she is seeing. Comes back and says you need to email and wait.

I GO WHAT? You are tellin gme phone support cant lock an account while the theft is in progress. She says no. Only email. I go that is crazy I want a supervisor. She goes they are all in meetings. Really at 1 am. As I am about to go off she says hold on. Comes back says nothing she can do. I go, so I am being hijacked and I want the lock back on that was supposed to be there back on. Well there was no lock and I cant put one.
So they can just steal the names and you cant do anything to protect my account. NOPE

I changed my pw, added 2 step and sent the email. I login to my account and the 5 domains are gone.

Crazy part is for the last few days i have gotten emails from korea wanting to buy these.

Anyone know what else to do?
really no one on here has helo?

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