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Jan 22, 2005
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Domain (with or without website - your choice) for sale:

I’m interested in selling my 8 years old website. However this is not usual sale based on income, I’m selling it for search engine optimization.

This is not a turnkey website that generates profit. This is website you can use to promote your website or network of websites, so if you have network of websites that generate profit, you can use my website to vastly improve their search engine ranking.

My website has millions of inbound links from thousands of websites (see exact statistics below) and high domain rating. Those links are non-spam links acquired over 8 years from many websites that are not mine, so they will not magically disappear after sale.

This sale is intended for people who already own websites and want to increase their search engine rankings and/or to sell links from high rating website to customers.

Reason for sale

I’m selling website because I want to start different project. The only reason to keep website is to prop up my new projects, but I’d rather sell it to someone who has more projects that could use big search engine rating bump. Also I need money for new project, so selling my website will finance it.

SEO statistics

- Rank: 8043
- Domain rating: 82
- URL rating: 84
- Backlinks: 103m
- Referring domains: 5.77k
- link:

- Authority score: 74
- Total backlinks: 29.9m
- Referring domains: 5.2k
- Referring IPs: 6.1k
- link:

- Domain authority: 69
- Linking domains: 9.8k
- Inbound links: 44.2m
- link:

How does it work

If you have no websites, there is no point in buying my website. The only people benefitting from my website are people with existing websites, preferably something in internet industry (software, mobile stuff). You can add links to your website and write articles about your project, or just redirect my website to yours. Such links will massively boost your website’s ranking.

You can buy article with link from other websites for $500-$1000 per article, but that’s just one article. By buying my website you can write as many articles as you want and place as many links as you want to all your websites. You can change entire website into articles about your project. Or you can place 301 redirects for entire domain to your website, making inbound links effectively link to your website instead of mine.

There are 3 ways to manage website:

1. Replace entire content of website with your own website with articles about your products and links to your website. Vast majority of incoming links link to main page, so this will not affect website rating. Additionally I suggest to keep old pages or redirect them to new pages using 301 redirection. This is recommended way because it is easier to manage.

2. Add pages to website with articles and links related to your projects. Also add your links in footer (but don’t overdo it).

3. Redirect whole domain to your website using 301 redirects.

Link sources

All links are organic. There are no paid inbound links and no paid traffic.

Website offers free phpBB styles with copyright link in footer, which is where vast majority of inbound links come from. Those styles are among most popular phpBB styles and are maintained by community. That means links will not disappear after sale, amount of inbound links will be somewhat stable and there is no maintenance requirements for buyer.

Some links come from XenForo styles. However XenForo styles require a lot of maintenance. There weren’t many of them because XenForo styles were not free and most of links from XenForo websites are gone by now because new version of XenForo has been released about a year ago and I did not update styles for it. Current SEO rankings already account for disappearance of XenForo links. phpBB styles is the only thing you need to keep.

I cannot predict future. There is some link loss because forums are not as popular as they used to be, but forums aren’t going to disappear. I think links will stay high for at least several years, giving you more than enough time to improve rankings of your websites and get most of my website. To make sure you get as many links as possible, keep pages related to phpBB styles on website.

Does it help?

I’ve placed links in footer for 2 new websites: once few weeks ago, one about a year ago.

Website that was added few weeks ago: It already gets close to 100 visitors a day from search engines.

Website that was added a year ago: I don’t have traffic stats for it, but owner (its my sister’s business) does get lots of business from search engines.

So yes, it does help a lot. If you have websites to monetize, links from my website can easily pay for purchase. If you have multiple websites - even better.

Assets and transfer of assets

Assets that come with sale:
- .com domain
- content of website
- optional: 2 XenForo licenses
- optional: VPS and Plesk license

Number of assets depends on how you want to keep website: as is or if you want to replace it with your own website.

If you want to keep website as is, here is break down of optional assets:

Website is based on XenForo platform. That adds 1 XenForo license. It is used to serve pages and for support forum. Support forum is pretty much dead. If you decide to keep existing content, you will get ownership of forum. With people being paranoid about private data and forum being pretty much dead, I will lock forum down and replace email addresses of all customers with dummy address, so you will keep content but not private data. Contact form on website will be disabled as well, unless you want to keep it.

There are also XenForo and phpBB demo forums. If you decide to keep them, it adds second XenForo license to assets.

If you prefer to keep existing website where it is, I can also give you VPS that website is hosted on instead of moving it all to your website. VPS costs $25/month ($20/month for VPS, $5/month for backup), but you can downgrade it to smaller VPS. Plesk license costs $12/month.

XenForo is not easy to maintain. I suggest to replace entire website with custom website, copy few important pages from old website then create bunch of new pages with your content or just redirect whole website to your website. That way it will be easier to maintain.

I suggest to include VPS in sale because website is already setup there with correct hosting settings and custom SSL certificates.

It is up to you to decide how you want to transfer assets. It does not affect price of sale, but it might affect time it takes to transfer everything.


I’m looking for at least USD 20,000. See Flippa listing:
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