Developed Traffic Hits Online Business on Ebay Now $1 NO RESERVE

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Jul 10, 2003
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$1 No Reserve

We are selling this Premium Domain Name Plus the Website.




Orders can range from on average $60 to $900 per sale, but can differentiate as we sell traffic in packages of up to $5000, if you make a $5000 sale you would make at least $2500 profit.

Our prices are very competitive, we charge very low prices around for non reseller traffic, have a search on the net and find out yourself

You also have the option of adding a membership area where traffic buyers would by cheap "reseller traffic" and that way you will make more money out of the website for selling reseller traffic

On each order we make at we would make on average a 33% to 50% profit per sale. is a new website but has been marketed extensively throughout the world wide web, on all major search engines such as google, yahoo, msn, aol and so forth. and we will continue to market the site for free with search engine submission.

The website is listed with perfect meta tags and keywords for search engines to pick up

It has a fantastic, simple PHP order system, which is compatible with e-gold and, if you need changes on the order forms, you can easily do this your self or we will point you in the right direction.

We buy our traffic at bargain reseller prices, from 2 main traffic resellers on the web, and we will give you this information on sale of this auction. is ready to rock n roll, we will help market the website with our superior search engine submissions, the website has been marketed already, and has the best keywords and meta tags on the site.

What do we sell on

We specialize in selling traffic hits to adult sites, casino websites, online marketing, sports, business, health and so much more.

How much Profit will I make?

Like we say at least 33% to 50% per sale on average, but you can change the prices to suit your needs

Does it require much daily work?

No, none at all really except for taking orders, the only time time you will require to work on the site is if you wish to change prices, basic contact info, etc

Is it easy to update the website?

Yes it is so easy, the website has "includes" which means all you need to do is update one page and all the other pages are automatically updated

Where are you based?

We are based in Australia

Who Would this Website Suit?

It would suit anyone wanting to work from home, to a corporate business wishing to develop this site to higher levels

How Do People Pay Us for the Traffic Ordered

We have ordering forms which payments go to either PayPal or

Who Supplies the Traffic when my customer orders from my site

We will inform you of our Traffic Reseller's Websites on Purchase of the Site, or if you want to know just email us

What do I need with this site?

It is advisable that you have either FrontPage or Dream Weaver to help you work on this site when required or an FTP Program or other suitable software



any other questions please email us

ATTENTION BIDDERS: Please only bid if you have a feedback of 5 plus, if you have a feedback less than that please email me regarding bidding


If We Guarantee 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 Million Visitors and Hits to Your Site, Can You Deliver the Sales?

We deliver visitors directly to your website.
Our name says it all, we will deliver the traffic hits that you need, at very cheap rates. We are one of the leaders in providing traffic hits to your website, check out there prices, then check out ours.
Lost money on e-mail advertising and banner ads that get you nowhere? Are you tired of wasting your time trying to "optimize your site for search engines"? Forget all of that! We'll send the visitors straight to you! All you have to do is have a good presentation that will convert visitors into sales and you've got it made!

Yes, you read that correctly!
We will actually deliver visitors right to your web pages!

What do we offer that the other guys don't?

Targeted Country Mainstream Traffic, with many Countries to choose from.!
Targeted Language Mainstream Traffic, with many language's to choose from.!
We have the lowest prices anywhere!
Order UNLIMITED amounts of traffic!
Run UNLIMITED campaigns!
Highly effective TARGETED advertising.!
Adult and casino/gambling 100% unique traffic.!
Targeted Mainstream Traffic, with many categories to choose from.!
Targeted UK-English Only Traffic.! Non-adult.
Bulk Targeted Mainstream Traffic with choice of category (All US visitors)!
Asian Only Traffic.!
Targeted Email campaigns.! Adult, Non-adult!
TrafficHits Ultimate Advertising Campaign.
Raw Mainstream Traffic with 1 Pop!
Campaigns completed in 30 days or your money back!
Most orders processed and completed within 24hrs! & traffic flowing to your site in minutes!
Targeted Banner Advertising
Ad Views
Targeted Solo E-Mails With Category!
Real-Time Stats For All Orders!

What's it worth?
The fact is, your site needs visitors if you are going to make money. Let's speculate a little:
Suppose that you sell a product for $25 and that in a worst case scenario only 1% of your visitors purchase your product.
Without our service: An average site gets less than 100 hits per day (3,000/month). Thus, approximately 30 people will purchase the product every month (1% of 3,000). That means you are taking in only $750 per month (30 x $25)

With our service: Suppose the site owner (you) purchases 100,000 visitors with our service. Using our assumption that only 1% of visitors will purchase the product, a total of 1,000 purchases will be made. That's a value of$25,000! And that is if only 1% of visitors purchase the product! Think about the return on your investment! You will make even more per campaign depending on the profit per purchase, the product being offered, and the presentation!




Why Use Escrow? actively works to prevent fraudulent transactions. Using escrow protects both the Buyer and Seller.

Buyers receive the merchandise before the Sellers are paid.

Sellers are protected against credit card and payment fraud.

Everyone's information is kept private. is licensed and regulated.

Payment is expected within 7 days of the auction's end.

The entire Escrow service fee is to be paid by the winner of the auction PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY TO US UNTIL AUCTION IS ENDED OR EMAIL US BEFORE HAND payments to

I will accept and will transfer all names after funds have cleared

Direct Bank Deposit

I will accept Direct Bank Deposit and will transfer all names after funds have cleared

Sale does not include hosting or assets of any kind. You are buying the domain name plus the website only!

I reserve the right to end this auction at any time if a serious, significant purchase offer is made outside eBay or there is no significant interest in the auction.

If you have any questions please contact me at
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