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Jul 29, 2012
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Valued at $16,000,EXACT SEARCHES of 27,750, Plus 9 Movie Domains Bundle in total
Includes, Low Reserve Price !
BIN $1580

We are selling our top Movie Entertainment Domains in our inventory.

All the Searches are EXACT Searches not Broad and the stats are from Google Keyword Planner.

They are: (Valued at $16,000 Exact Searches of 27,750 according to Google Keyword Planner) (Valued at $2,700) (74,000 Exact Searches) (5,400 Exact Searches)

The estimated Adsense earnings for is $458.55 (when developed and placed in the first position for that keyword on the search engines) This is an estimate.

Free push to account holders

Thanks and Good Luck!
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