homebizwire.com: 8k+ so far in May

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Apr 18, 2003
Domain is SOLD

homebizwire.com gets targetted at-home business traffic in the range of 4k to 8k unique visitors per month. I had planned to develop this name, but I am in need of cash right now, so I am considering all offers for this domain. Please make offers directly in this thread, or via PM (and post "PM Sent). Payments by PayPal, StormPay, or Bank Wire. BIN price set at $2,000.

Last three months' screenshots:
March (Domain Sponsor)
April (Domain Sponsor)
May (Sedo)

Please note that I have not been especially impressed with the revenue at either DomainSponsor (~$10/mo) or Sedo (~$0.21 this month, non-optimized). I expect that this domain will produce much better with the proper parking program or development.

Thanks for looking!


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Jul 8, 2002
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If anyone is interested in this domain, please pm me with your offer.
Anything above $600 will be entertained (so I don't lose money ; )
BIN - $1500.
Thanks !

- Was never directed to a PPC. Pointed at 1 of my advertisers.
- The traffic has remained the same. Around 2-400 uniques a day.
- Paypal accepted.
- Reason - Raising cash and selling what I bought with long term perspective...
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