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How can I suppress the 2 deafult templates at Domain Sponsor ?

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Dec 20, 2007
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I chose the rotating template option Domain Sponsor offers when I began parking there 3+ yrs ago. They actually let you pick up to 6 different landing pages which are supposed to rotate. Those and only those, would I be seeing when I brought one of my names up, or so I thought. But it hasn't been that way. DS has two templates they love, they're considered superior and they strongly suggest both should be a part of your mix, or customers should use only those two if it were up to them. I do not hate those two default landing pages, in fact they have a dark background and they change colors, and for those of you who park there they may look new, they kind of are, DS used to have 4 HORRIBLE landing pages (as their default ones) and they were just replaced recently (the bad ones are still available, but they're not the default ones anymore)

I've always encountered this problem (any DS or Oversee.net reps feel free to answer on the thread, this must be happening to many/all) : Even after I choose the 6 templates I wanted in my rotation, the default ones (those 2 newer ones right now, but before it was the 4 unattractive ones) always find their way into my mix. IE, if I bring up my domain on the screen this is what I would expect if I view the page 6 times in a row,

1. My Template #1
2. ======== #2
3. ======== #3
4. ======== #4
5. ======== #5
6. ======== #6

Or something close to that, I don't care the order in which they appear, if they're shuffled or not, or if I get this sequence; #3, #4, #4, #5, #1, #1 ....It would not be optimal but I'd accept it. But instead I've always had this:

1. Their Default #1
2. My Template #4
3. My Template #6
4. Their Default #2
5. My Template #5
6. My Template #3

When I say this I mean typing hotchicks.com or something in the browser and then refreshing it 5 times. Sometimes a default appears 3 or more times out of the 6. I submitted a ticket and the 1st time they sent me literature to read about pkg w/DS that had nothing to do w/my problem or question. Later I emailed them again and they told me not to alter the keywords and not to go for just one landing page .... wtf ? lol ... I never mentioned the term keyword and they thought I wanted to limit the # of templates to just one...? I couldn't have been clearer in the 2 emails I sent them. I've gone over the options and settings of my portfolio vs individual domains, I have the same settings for ALL domains in my only portfolio, so I chose to override any especific settings for any individual domain (and I've never had any for domains individually) so the portfolio settings would overrule that even if I had it, so that's not the problem

Does this happen to anybody here ? To those who picked 1 to 6 templates of their choice to rotate and did not include either of the default ones in their mix : do you know a way to have the 2 default ones NOT come up ever ? I also strongly suggest to all DS customers here, choose 6 templates (the maximum #) and DO NOT INCLUDE the two default landing pages they suggest in your mix, because you're gonna get them anyway ! ....so if you only choose 2 templates you will get the 2 default ones a lot more than me, so it's important to pick 6 of your choice so that the 2 default ones won't come up that often in your rotation, I just don't think there's an option to do what I want, and I've looked hard. After two tickets about this I doubt a 3rd email will do it...
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