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How To Sell High Value Domains - Part 4

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Jul 29, 2011
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This is the fourth installment in the series on how to sell domains. You can read the previous articles by selecting the Community Blogs menu item followed by the "Blogs by Category" and then Domain Sales.

So where do you get your prospects from? I personally would hit Google and search for any large companies that are in the market vertical that your domain targets. From my experience the person that you need to speak with is on the marketing side of the business. Don’t ask for technical or legal teams….technical typically don’t have the authority to spend money on things like domains and legal will look at trying to take some sort of action against you to get the domain.

So once you’ve found a few companies you need to then track down the best person that can make the decision about the domain acquisition. I personally like to pull up the company’s annual report, flip through to the executives list and find the head of marketing. I then call the head office and ask for them by name. If you’re pleasant enough on the phone then you can usually get through to the person you’re after. Make sure that you keep track of the name and the position of everyone you speak to…..especially the PA of the person that you’re actually after.

If you are having troubles getting through to the person that you're after type the phone number of the company and just change the last digit. For example, if the company's phone number ended in a 88 then dial 85. It's very likely that you'll still get through someone at the company and then you can ask for the person you are after by name. If if you are speaking to doesn't know who you are after then see if they can look them up in the corporate directory. Most people are really helpful like this. Voila! You have the direct phone number of whom you're after.

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