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http://www.Navigate.to is open - Your all in one webmaster source

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Mar 1, 2003
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Ever wanted to add things to your website like a free invision board , free guestbook , counter , password protected page? How about a simple tell a friend or contact form or even convert that long url and use a short URL redirection service ?

Want to do all this in one easy click per component and have it hosted for you?

How about if all this was in one account for simple management?

Introducing http://Navigate.to

We have developed this all in one domain to help webmasters add components to their site easily. Each feature takes just one click and your code / link is created and ready for use.

No searching for the code all over the web. No multiple accounts. Everything in one easy to use centralized place.

Have more than one site? Sign up one account for each site!

We are offering all these features including our redirect domain http://crawl.to to make your webmastering easy.

We even offer Navigate.to points for upgrading your account, premium webhosting or even domain name purchasing. Earn these NP's by posting in our main forum or referring friends to signup.

This truly is a unique site. Yes, I have seen other services. They are fully loaded with ads.

Yes we do have one banner running on the free invision board forums and a simple text link on the Tell a friend and contact forms. These can automatically be removed just by using your NP's !

Take a look. There is no fees to be a member. I think you all will enjoy it.

Of course over the next several weeks and months we will be adding many new components. Some are already built and undergoing final testing to ensure they adhere to the one click rule and integrate well.

Of course suggestions are always welcome and can be submitted via the contact form on the site.

We use these components on our sites. Why not try them on yours!


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