4 Char or Less Offers IGUU.com, ULWW.com and 4 more. Rare aged gems !


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May 27, 2013
Hello everyone,

Bringing more awesome LLLL .com names for sale. These are not some random names. Most of them are over 15 years old, have repeat patterns and are easily brand-able. They have very high resale values and are a great investment.

IGUU.com - 15+ years old; Repeat end pattern. U for University/Union...etc
ULWW.com - Repeat end pattern. W for World/Women/Wrestling...etc
VMNL.com - Good English letters. Easy to brand. Google it and see the potential end-users.
IBMX.com - Excellent letters and ending with X. Chinese, all the way. Over 15 years old.
ICWO.com - Registered in 2000. Ends with O - Organization. Great name.
ICWP.com - Also 15 years old. IC is a part of many things - Simply google and see the result.

Taking offers on the thread or by PM. All the best !

- Vicky.
IBMX and ICWP - Sold. Thank you.

Looking for Offers on other gems.

- V