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Jan 30, 2018
Hi, I'm really new to the domain world. I bought books and they seem really good. I especially like the domainers bible. I have a really good domain worth over $1,000 and would like help in person to try and sell it. My goal is to get about 1000 domains and make money from ppc. It would be great to meet someone that lives approx an hour radius of Toronto. I need to basically be shown step by step in person how to do this. I want to create a very organized system. Thanks for any advice and consideration.
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Jul 24, 2004
Planet Earth
I got 3 appraisals for the name on bots, that ranged from 500 to 3000. (gyov.vom, domainindex.com, and freevaluator.com) Anyway for conferences, I think one is going on right now in Vegas, but you can always watch blogs like Domain Gang and watch them all with Domaining.com.
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