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auctions 20+ Info Graphics Pack & BONUSES ! - Downloadable Product ! **


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Feb 16, 2014
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**No Reserve !**: 20+ Info Graphics Pack & BONUSES ! - Downloadable Product ! **

With this package of 20+ graphic designs plus a bonus package of 3 customizable flyer templates and a premium web template , you will help your customers save thousands of dollars ! has a collection of 20+ high quality graphics that cover a variety of categories and themes ! Become the new owner of today !

**No Reserve !**: 20+ high quality Info Graphics Package & BONUSES INCLUDED ! - Downloadable Product ! **

With this package of 20+ high quality info graphic designs plus 3 customizable flyers & a premium website template to design with, you will help your customers save thousands of dollars and focus more time on their product !

You are bidding on a brand-new unique UNSEEN website and a great downloadable product.

Everyone needs great looking graphics for their business and projects. However, it's hard to create nice graphics without having to hire expensive designers.


What is

It's a website complete with a finished sales page and a collection package of over 20+ Ready to use graphics , along with a great BONUS package of 3 Customizable Flyers & A Premium Website Template :

✪ Your customers will receive a collection of 20+ high quality downloadable graphics ! ( Editable In Adobe PhotoShop)

BONUS ! 3 Customizable Flyers & A Premium Website Template !

All of this is ready for you to use on any of your website businesses or launched on any of the affiliate network platforms like ClickBank, JVZoo etc.

This is a very high-value product in demand with designers, product sellers , content creators and software developers. Add that to the fact that nobody has seen this site including affiliates, you have nowhere to go but up.


What you get

✪ The exact match domain:

✪ Materials and Technical Support

  • Sales page design and copy
  • Box cover graphics etc.
  • Uploading and setting everything up on your hosting
  • 30 days of support
✪ A high quality collection of 20+ customizable Info Graphics ! ( Editable In Adobe PhotoShop)

BONUS ! 3 Customizable Flyers & A Premium Website Template !


Can I See Some Samples Of This Product ?

If you are interested in seeing samples of this product please go to the " Attachments" section of the listing.


I will be your first affiliate:)
I’ll be happy to be your first affiliate and help drive traffic to your website. I’ve done over $8,000+ in sales on Flippa. I’m an experienced marketer who will get your site the exposure it needs.


You could easily launch this to affiliates
This would be a fantastic way to build your list of graphics buyers. If you sold this product through affiliates, you would have an easy time getting their attention because everyone needs graphics.


So why am I selling this?
I love creating websites and products that people love. Then selling them. I’ve also noticed that many people seem to think that once a product has been launched it has lower value. So this is the reason why I’m selling a few products that have not been launched and see how the market reacts. So far people seem to prefer these virgin products created by a veteran marketer/ designer :)


Why should you buy this website?

Graphics like the one's your customers will receive will always be in high demand because most people try to do things themselves and prefer not to spend thousands of dollars on designers.
Businesses like these are awesome because digital downloads don't require any shipping, inventory, etc. You will roughly have the same amount of work with 100 customers as you will with 1000. Other than customer service which is fairly minimal.


What could you do with this?

  • Launch it through affiliates and affiliate networks
  • Run a warrior special offer
  • Create an e-commerce website selling graphics individually
  • Offer one or two graphics for free to build a list of designers you can promote other offers to
  • Have a designer modify the graphics to work in other verticals
  • Launch on Mighty Deals, Graphic River and other sites that drive sales for you

I will transfer the domain, HTML sales page along with the product zipped files to your registrar and hosting account. This domain was registered on Godaddy.


I will accept PayPal payments from a verified account with an on file address.


You will get the exclusive rights to InfoImagez. I will not resell it in anyway going forward other than as your affiliate. You will be the only one in possession of this product. You control the entire opportunity for reselling it through any channel or message you desire.


About Me

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for over 10 years and have done $8,000+ in sales on Flippa building websites as a hobby in my spare time. I have been around a long time here on Flippa and have a good reputation online for truthful listings, quick turnarounds and smooth transitions. You can put your mind at ease and bid with confidence knowing you’ll get a great website and great customer service. As a Super Seller here on Flippa my team takes pride in providing great customer service and consumer products. Please view some of the feedback we’ve received from customers here on Flippa !

✪ With this being my first purchase as a website owner, Valentino was everything you could ask for. The transaction was very smooth. Verified sellers are definitely the way to handle business

✪ My first transaction on Flippa and Valentino1124 is absolutely amazing seller & extremely helpful. Very smooth transition. Definitely a preferred seller to watch. Thank you Valentino1124!

✪ One of the best sale experience on Flippa!

✪ Easy & Smooth transaction. Highly Recommended. Hope to deal with again A++


Who should buy this website?
Anyone who wants to earn an automated income with a downloadable product. If you are completely new, I will make sure you are 100% up & running smooth. We will even setup the website on your hosting service for you free of charge ! :)


I look forward to working with you.
As a successful bidder you will get access to me; to make this the easiest business purchase possible. I will also spend time with you over Skype or Google Chat to discuss how you can scale this business. Thanks for your bids! :)
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