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Average Monthly Search - insurance policies

Monthly Searches:676,500

Cost Per Click:$27.84 USD

Search Overview:

Avg Search Results (keyword):17,000,000

Avg Search Results (sld):7,880,000

Why does cost per click “CPC” cost so much for insurance companies?

Industry professionals and insurance companies sometimes pay up to $35.00 for each individual user click to run insurance ads with Google and other search engines under the top-quality keywords. But why do they spend so much money for one click.

They know if 1 of 10 people turn into a sale, chances are they will end up insuring 3 cars, a home and possible a health or life insurance policy.

If you add it up over 5 years for one client, the commission can be thousands of dollars. That $35.00 dollar click does not seem like that much for years of residual income. So spending 50k or 100k for a local domain name should sound pretty inexpensive at this point.

The only way to compete with the big insurance companies is to buy a local domain name that people can associate with and trust.

Take for example that sold for approximately 49.7 million or that sold for nearly 36.5 million these type domain names are the future of online insurance. If you don’t have a strategy to compete with the big companies you may end up going out of business. Owing a premium insurance domain name in today's market should be on the top of every insurance brokers list.
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