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news Acquired By Uk Company - No Longer Good Registrar Option Re: Privacy?


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Jul 11, 2011
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*EDIT: Thread title should read UK company, not US*

So this "news" is actually from a few months ago, but (aka used to be a well-liked option for an accredited offshore registrar with very strict privacy guidelines. They weren't shady > they'd take action if domains registered there were being used for spam or illegal stuff, but the word was that they wouldn't just automatically comply with US subpoenas (like some US registrars are said to do; esp. GoDaddy who it is said will reveal your info with a simple demand letter from a lawyer.)

But in June, IBS was acquired by Centralnic, which is a publicly-traded company listed on the LSE. Just wondering what that means for their previously-lauded privacy policies. I can't imagine it's a good thing. A publicly-listed UK company is surely going to be way more conservative.

Just wondering if this has any other IBS users moving their DNs elsewhere, and if so: what are other good options for offshore registrars with good privacy policies who won't just roll over and turn over your info at the first sign of trouble?
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