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Aug 2, 2009
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Hello exclusives,

I am a Landscaper in my 1rst life and as spring sets in (& the chaos begins) I will not have the time to market/promote/develop my domains. So I'm selling them off & will start again next winter.

I am looking for offers on this entire portfolio of 124 domains. There are alot of gems in here & alot get decent traffic at sedo. Many are 100% regged across all TLDs & produce some impressive stats from Estibot & Valuate.

This list has a bit of everything! They are all regged at godaddy & Most all of them have at least 7-10 mos reg time left. Many of the keyword domains have VERY generous CPC! This portfolio properly developed could be a revenue star!

The brandables are all catchy creative names with excellent end user appeal.

I'd strongly prefer to make a package deal here & will entertain portfolio offers from as little as $7 per name. All offers via PM only and I will post high offers/sold names in the thread. If there is a single or a couple names that you must have, I'll consider selling separately for the right price but porfolio offers take precedent.

Again, portfolio domain offers are favored here, so submit your highest offer early for your best chance at getting the entire list. Single domain offers will receive lower consideration if there is a portfolio offer on the table. I don't have the time to sell them individually anymore.

Verified PayPal is Preferred - buyer pays fees. Have never used, but if buyer prefers I will work with you to close the deal there.

This sale will be considered valid until payment is received & cleared.

Assume little to no revenue. Multi-forum post. These names are marketed in many mediums so this list is subject to prior sale.

Keywords: 77 domains - (Bahamas) - (nice estibot stats) - (409 Uniques in Feb. @ Sedo) - (over 130K exact searches/mo) - (nice estibot stats) - (nice monthly searches) - (nice Estibot stats) - (Mixed Martial Arts - exploding sport) - (nice for a DNjornal type domainer blog) - (generous cpc) - (gets traffic) - (get traffic) (political / war / middle east news blog)

Single Word / Brandables: 27 domains - (blog + unique) - (blog + techniques) - (nice play on foxy) - (brandable for anything) - (nice play on loser) - (I thought this a nice name for a celebrity or government poop blog... lol) - (nice play on trikes) - (nice play on whipped - MMA/Boxing site?)

4 Letter .coms: 19 domains (nice pronounceable)

3 Letter .info:
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