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Bulloney and Biscuit
May 22, 2018
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i'm fairly well known in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Va. (population 500,000), and the largest city in Virginia. People know me around town as the "Name Guy" because that's what it reads on my license plates:D I preface many of my political remarks with, "I'm neither liberal or conservative, i'm conservative about somethings and liberal about others, and I'm neither a Democrat or a Republican....i'm simply an independent thinker🤔

I've personally had more FUN participating in the domain industry than anyone you'll ever know, thus about a month ago when I learned that Jen Kiggans seen here; was running for congress, i registered the following domain;

Jen will be running against an incumbent Democrat Elaine Luria, and since I've vowed to never vote for a damn Democrat again as long as I live, this is my way of helping Jen Kick Ass in November.


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