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May 5, 2004
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The Published Reporter® has been cited around the world for its quality in journalism including notable mentions in the Israel-based ‘The Times of Israel’, United Kingdom based tabloid newspaper‘The Sun’ and various U.S. based newspapers such as Fox News, NBC News, Christian Post, and Florida based NewsMax. It has been critized twice by politically left-leaning 501, nonprofit Media Matters for America, as well as mentioned as part of an investigative story in The Wall Street Journal. –“They hate you because you’re effective. Congratulations” — Roger Stone, Conservative Political Consultant and Lobbyist.
  • The domain is registered with registrating.com
  • I will accept best offer near or at asking price of $25k.
  • The website receives traffic but it is has been censored.
  • Fairly decent size social media presence (Facebook).
  • The brand has a registered trademark in the U.S.
  • There is no revenue as Google ads have been removed due to continual conflicts with content policies.
Website: https://www.publishedreporter.com

Private message is best for more information.
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