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Feb 11, 2009
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I'm a musician, I know a few other artists that have recently joined a new group to let our work be given away for free. Authors and even film makers are also in this new group.

Basically, a lot of artists do not like the tiny royalties they make off 99 cent downloads and see Jobs and Publishing giants getting rich. So we decided enough is enough, FREE THE NET.

Basically it s the idea of the group that if a true non-profit can run a real 'free library' on the net, it should be able to do like all free libraries do, allow members to use any material in the library for free. Recent books, films, music, you name it.

I liked the pitch I got, so I said WTF, I don't get much of the music sales, so I make my money on gigs and air play and regular sales, yeah FREE THE NET.

The group said of course they will be sued, but they're trying to round up some great civil rights guys to say, if free librarys can have new release music, movies and books, why can't a real free library have it too.

A few big guys are donating monies to start it up, you know do all the tech stuff to have a major site dishing out a ton of content for FREE. So what you think? You see a good argument that a real non profit can FREE THE NET and distrubute the same stuff already in free libraries?

PM me if you want to get in touch with the guys doing it.

I got an email today saying the decided on the intial names for the project.

I saw the intial video they did too, great vid, makes Jobs and Gates look like the evil rulers of the world. LOL

I guess they will be getting a ton of press about being sued when they start. They say they expect millions in free advertising to put forth an idea. The net should be FREE.


If Lennon was around I'm sure he would be the first one on board singing, We Gonna Start a Revolution....

So is iTunes gonna collapse now?

I heard they're getting weird stuff already since a few places are talking about it. eMails from weird sources and stuff, harassment stuff.

I know I don't like seeing Jobs and other barons get fat while I see pennies from downloads.

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Dec 19, 2008
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Firstly, if they have a large consortium donating to the project, can't they get a better domain than How about

Second: You'll never bring down iTunes or any of these sites. Why would artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, who sell millions of records online want to give away their music for free? They may only be getting a small % from the sale... but times that by 4 million sales, and you have a lot of $$$$$.

Thirdly: I don't think they'll be getting millions in free advertising either. It's all very well to talk to big websites and the press, and they may even support your idea... but, ask for free advertising and they'll soon change their tune.

The internet is now all about money. Trying to change that is almost impossible.

By the way, I sense a lot of jealousy in your post ;)

Just my opinion.
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