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appraise LHDB.com

This thread is an appraisal of the domain name requested.


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Apr 7, 2005
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I've owned it for 14 years and never really thought of selling it since it's the initials of my band and it has been my band's website address for that long. But I've been getting quite a bit of interest for it lately. The amount might even be worth re-branding. Selling it would mean having to get a new domain and changing all our promotional material to reflect this new domain. Just want to make sure all the work is worth me selling it.

Your help determining the value would greatly help me make a decision one way or the other. I got buyers willing to make a deal right now. I just want to make sure I'm not being stiffed.

Estibot is telling me it is worth 3 grand but I know a domain is only worth as much as they are willing to pay but your educated estimate will help me to negotiate if necessary.

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