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Jun 21, 2004
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Lilies are third most popular flower in the world after roses and Tulips But is the best available floral domain in the world

WHY? Owned and acquired by FTD - Massive End User Owned by Roosen Gaarde - End User

Safe to to say these domains will never be available in the market again as they now belong to the ideal end user-

If you are an existing floral business or one looking to enter it - this is the best investment you can make-

If you are an investor this is by far the best domain you can buy in Florist vertical

Aged domain - Originally registered in 1996 - almost 20 years ago!

Massive 81 million results in Google

Bought this domain 8 years ago with a plan to develop- unfortunately my non domain related work has not given me the opportunity to allocate time and resources to this project - putting this out in the market for the first time in 8 years to give someone else an opportunity to utilize this truly exceptional digital asset.

listed on Flippa
On the back of our recent auction for this where the reserve was not met at auction - albeit we had quite a few bids by message that were very close to the reserve - we are listing this domain without reserve and let the market determine the value
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