ccTLD bonanza - tbr tonight, examples:, auh.caget your deals in by 8 pm est

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Nov 26, 2007
Toronto, ON
I am auctioning off's . I will be adding more names as the day goes.

Rules: $40 to start off the auction, NO RESERVE as time draws down, $5 increments, deadline is 8 pm eastern time, antisniping rule in effect if bid was made within 15 mins of close, no deadline for domains still in hot contest until winner stays on bid for 30 mins without challenge every challenge extends the bid for another 30 mins.

Important, these lll's are dropping tonight, so you will have a better chance of getting a good deal here than by fighting each other on tbr's. I am not responsible to honor any sale for any reason becaue of enabling PM offers, but I will give the highest bidder the chance to review the bid. Any domain name can be taken off the list at any time, but I will let the highest bidder know about the offer that made that name to be taken off. SEND IN YOUR OFFERS. these will be dropped, you will see them on tbr for min 60!

IMPORTANT: If you cannot pay by EMT within 30 mins of auction close, do not bid! SECOND bidder should be ready to be offered the bid he placed in case winner is not following through payment. Again, 30 mins is crucially important to secure the domain before it goes into tbr. Paypal also accepted as last resort.

BULK OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON 10 NAMES OR MORE AT 100 MINIMUM, so that is $1000 for 10 names and escrow is accepted as long as we have time, and will be taken off immediately from this list and buyer will be responsible to send payment in 30 mins by EMT maximum, after which the domains will be taken off the list.

PM offers will be considered on a case by case basis, so please keep that in mind, these names will make the tbr companies rich, and I have no reservation to work out a deal to help you help me... Otherwise, you will see a flood of tbrs this week :)

Transfer process is immediate, if you are the clear winner, you will send in the emt with the info for password etc to email You need to be fast to complete the acceptance as it is time sensitive, and I pledge immediate transfer upon receiving the money by emt only! You will need to start the process of registrant transfer as soon as you are sure you are the clear winner and have sent the emt.

The list to start this bonanza follows: $50 8:30 $65 8:30 $45 $60 $50 8:30 $65 $65 8:30 $60 $60 $60 $45

The bold prices are the current bids....
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Nov 5, 2007
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ca11, could you do me a favor?

Would it be possible that you update the list above with the current prices?

They are all so clogged and i just want to make sure what the prices for each are and what does not have bids.

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