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Nov 4, 2007
ARE.CO.IN Reserve has been met and is now For Sale via Sedo Auctions.

No less than 264 acronym's exist for A.R.E. the full list of which is in the auction description.


Super Premium domain beginning with the letter 'A" means that this website address will appear at the top of all alphabetical directory listings. Not only is it just 3 letters, but obviously spells a very popular word too, in huge use throughout the english language with a staggeringly high number of google results.

This name does indeed make sound financial sense as an investment opportunity. The internet is truly exploding across the country of India and this is a rare example of perhaps one of this countries most valued, very short domain names. The only way this can go in years to come in terms of value, is up! You will not regret bidding on this domain name today, do not leave it to the last minute to submit your bid, do it today whilst it is fresh on your mind.

What else can I say? You know yourself that this would make an excellent addition to your portfolio or if you know an ideal enduser, sell it on to them for an excellent return on investment. The next acceptable bid is just $70.00 - the reserve has been met and this domain is now on sale!

Details can be found here:

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