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Feb 22, 2009
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There seems to be an awful lot of talk about at the moment relating to Maptags so I thought I'd find out more about the idea.
Founder Krishna Yogi seems to have come up with a clever and novel idea.
Using the .gs extension you can explore a world map and tag places, landmarks, dictionary words and ...well everything else. It can be a little like playing world monopoly and can satisfy any need to dominate the world :)
Tags are set as premium, special and free - so if you find a name which is long enough you'll get the domain (or tag) for free...forever.
The beauty of this idea is that the domains are contained within the world map - they aren't out in the deep blue yonder as stand alone - however loosely - they are connected.
The ideas are almost limitless and if, for example you own a deli in New York - tagged on the map to your store might be attractive. Then of course there's bakers, plumbers, get the idea.
I found the site fun and quite addictive. I'm hoping some of the names I grabbed will become of value in time and I've seen that quite a few sales have happened already.
There is a listing and selling site at which has already been set up.
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