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Apr 6, 2005
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I am 35 year old norwegian, and I have set up four websites in the UK. These concepts have been great successes in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and the income from them are now my full time job with a very good income. But I never got to launching in the UK. And since I really have no knowledge about the market there, I have decided that will be better to sell.

I think this could be a great success in the UK and there is a very high income potential. I will be giving training and share my experience with the buyer ( s ).

These are the websites I would like to sell. I will consider all bids, especially if it is a bid for all four sites. But I have listed my estimated value for each site. - A paid emailservice. People get paid to receive emails and can earn money by clicking on links in the emails or referring others. They can log in to check their earnings. I already have some members here ( About 100 I think ). When you reach about 1000 members the referring makes the database grow by itself. Since most people dont refer others, most of them never reaches the minimum limit for payout. So the concept is very profitable. This has been my most profitable concept in Scandinavia.
My estimated price for this site is £500 or bids. - adnetwork with banners and textual ads.
This site is a complete adnetwork based on ppc. There is also the possibility to offer popups. Webmasters get paid per click, you decide the price for every campaign. I usually give 50% to my webmasters. In Scandinavia I got a lot of new webmasters very fast on this concept. So it has been very profitable. In the UK the site has not been marketed. But there is a referral program.
My estimated price for this site is £500 or bids. - textlinkexchange for webmasters.
This site offers webmasters free traffic by exchanging by other websites. For every time the textbox with 10 links is shown the webmasters get shown one textlink shown on another site. The rest of the traffic goes to the owner of the site to sell or market own sites. So this is a great way to get free marketing or make a revenue. Referral program.
My estimated price for this site is £300 or bids. - Adnetwork with new format.
If you go to this site, you will see a frame coming up at the bottom. This is a popframe that shows an ad. The concept is paying webmasters per click from the ads in the popframe. I have also sold CPM campaigns since it`s a very visible ad. Also here it`s a 50/50 share between me and the webmasters. Also include referral program.
My estimated price for this site is £300 or bids.

The traffic is minimal, since the sites are not launced. The value is in the sites and scripts themselves. All script are custom made, and are tested for high traffic volumes. Since I own the rights to the script, I will include a license for the buyer to use. I will have no problem if the scripts are used to establish new sites in other countries or internationally.

Please post your bids in the thread or contact me by PM. I will be happy to consider all bids and answer all questions.
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