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Aug 24, 2002
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I have had a lot of fun and done pretty well over the last 15 years of domaining/developing as a hobby, but that is all it really was and I never found the time or energy to tackle most of the projects I had dreamed of. As I get older, I find my interests going in different directions and even less time to spend keeping up on my portfolio and websites, and less need to work for extra cash. While I will never truly leave and always have some sites and domains, I plan to let go of the vast majority of my portfolio to focus on projects more meaningful to me personally.

I have a large group on sale at eBay, but even more that I will post in the offers section. Start shooting me offers here or through eBay- I really want to move through a lot of names over the next couple months and will make some great deals at ridiculously low prices.

Here are my current eBay listings

Some starting as low as .99.

A lot of aged domains, former sites, and names I have received multiple offers on. Almost none of them have had any serious attempt to market to end users. All at either GoDaddy or Dynadot.

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