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ModelingScout.com - First Time on Sale Since 2003

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Oct 25, 2005
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Hi- this domain has been in my possesion since 2003. Up until now it was not really for sale. Taking offers starting at $2,000 for modelingscout.com - I get regular and frequent offers on this domain in the $2,000 range even though it's not been at Sedo or Afternic so they had to look me up via whois, so we will start it off there.

Overture score of 137 w/o ext.

1,220,000 Google results for "Modeling Scout" w/o quotes:

Modeling Scout

There are several very respected sites using variants of this name for example www.ModelScouts.com and www.SupermodelScouts.com and all available .com variations of the name are taken, both singular and plural as well as many other TLD's including:

modelscout.com .tv .us .info .net .org .biz .mobi
modelscouts.com .tv .us .info .net .org .biz .mobi
supermodelscouts.com .us .info .net .org
modelingscouts.com .net

All taken

I had this domain developed into a mini-site several years ago and with practically no effort had it on the first page of results on Google for both "model scout" and "modeling scout" both so Google had no trouble ranking it well for "model scout" also.

p.s.- I should mention that up until yesterday I was redirecting this domain to another site I had hosted for extra traffic and SEO purposes and just in the last 24 hours set it to Sedo's nameservers to sell it so the "Last 30 days" traffic number is actually from just the last 24 hours.
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