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news NameCheap Removal of price caps for .ORG and .INFO found improper


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Sep 28, 2012
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Back in 2019, Namecheap stood up to ICANN as it sought to remove price caps on .ORG and .INFO TLDs. It was, and is, our belief that these price caps are essential to keeping pricing fair for these legacy gTLDs. While newer gTLDs are exempt from such price caps, they offer invaluable protection to the owners of .ORG and .INFO.

Removing the price cap on .ORG and .INFO would set a dangerous precedent. It could have started domino effect that could eventually see other legacy gTLDs like .COM having their price caps removed and that could open the door to rampant price increases for many TLDs. After inviting our customers to share their opinions, we found that 98% supported keeping the price caps that had been in place for nearly two decades.

Source - https://www.namecheap.com/blog/name...f-price-caps-for-org-and-info-found-improper/
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