Need a good generic name for a coupon website...

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Mar 21, 2003
Manchester, Tennessee
ok here you go adam, happy hunting,750,750,950,1250,1250,1500,1500,1500,2500,2500,3500,3500

reserved for thread starter for 48 hours before any others can complete sale. (if thats allowed)



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Sep 20, 2011
Hi Adam,
Here are some coupon domains that I have for sale: $5000 $5000 $3000 $3000 $5000 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000 $6000

I hope you find the domain you want to buy here but if not I would appreciate if you could pm me your professional opinion of them.

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Jerry McGough

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Jun 26, 2004
I've got .....

....which is perfect for something presently being developed, so I don't have a price for it.
Everything's always available for the right price though

Good luck


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Nov 2, 2011
Hi Adam, what do you think about:

restaurants coupons online .com

Price - $599, flexible.

Here are some numbers about that domain:

Monthly Searches Exact: 91
Monthly Searches Broad: 720
CPC Exact:$2.5
CPC Broad:$2.5
Advertiser Competition Exact:89
Advertiser Competition Broad:81


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Apr 4, 2010
Adam please don't take this the wrong way but can we get an update if you are still looking for a coupon domain name? There are a ton of people posting on this thread wondering the same thing. Did you already buy one? If so please let us know so we can stop wasting our time.

And to your reply about
Originally Posted by airmax
Why do people have such a hard time following rules?

The ones that don't just get ignored anyways.

Adam It seems iike everyone is getting ignored.

Here is mine BTW.

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