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Nov 14, 2018

.luxe is off-brand, new extension, where only a few words will actually fit with it.

like ""

so from that perspective, no extra value above cost to register it.

Hi, it is officially introduced as:
Ethereum and .luxe Domain Names Work Together
.luxe is the first top-level domain that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Name Service. This means .luxe names can both resolve over the World Wide Web like any traditional domain name but also be securely associated to the Ethereum blockchain item of the users choice so that can be paired with 0x32a4c9fa3d46ab6e87f…
How do you think its application in ethereum?


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Sep 4, 2002
a lot of introductions for new extensions, have been nothing but hype to spur sales.

.pw was for professional website, the you get .pro, then .ws was for website, then .website for website , then .site for website and one day .web for website

they know .luxe is limited for creativity, so they make up some %#@&* for you to have faith in.

now i could be rong....


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