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I'm sure many of you use Ebay whether it's to sell or buy domain names or to buy other items. I've recently released a new Ebay software that will help you keep track of your favorite Ebay users, your own auctions, and even your competition.

It's called Auction Watchdog -

It's a great time saver and gives you a heads up on auctions before they are even listed in the category. Auction Watchdog is in real-time, so as soon as an auction is posted, you can see it!

I use it to track regular domain name sellers on Ebay (a few in these forums, as well!), as well as some favorite DVD sellers, my wife's favorite shoe sellers, and many more. Auction Watchdog will update a user's auctions at a set time that I can set it to. Ebay limits you to only 30 favorites sellers in your watch list. AW is unlimited. There are many more features that will just make things easier for you. Try it out for 30 days and see what you think!

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