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Newbie - here to learn

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Hello to all-
I'm nan, from Kansas... joined this forum to learn a thing or two. I don't know the first thing about selling a name, so I've been searching for information about best ways to go about selling, how to actually complete the transfer of a name to a buyer, and the legal implications.
Not that I have anything hot to sell, or that I'm researching this with the idea of a get-rich-quick scheme (don't believe there is such a thing). I'm trying to find a domain name for a prospective business use, but I'm very picky and have way too many "musts" for this project. Everything about this new business is pivotal on choosing the right name.
What I think will probably happen (knowing me), is that I'll pick one, then immediately think of something better. So, I'll end up with something I don't need and would like to sell. I know, I know... there's always going to be something I like better... and I could just keep a list of possibilities until I settle on something... but that's not going to work for me at this point.
SO, any tips or other ideas I can pick up from this group will be greatly appreciated.

kanzz ~
nan - in kansas
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What kind of business do you want to start? The people here might be able to help you come up with a good one. I really like helping people come up with cool domains myself.


I'll try to give you a feel for the situation...
It might sound cheesy, but I can find a way to make this work --
I'm starting with skin care. Hope to branch out later to bath & body items.
Might eventually end up with a retail shop in my small home town, but the current goal is strictly an internet-only home-based biz. If it goes retail, it will include a small coffee shop. Maybe someday a light breakfast and lunch business.
I do NOT want anything terribly feminine OR country-crafty-cutsie. Forget about lace and angels. Some of my current customers are men, and if I have a coffee shop some day I'd want a place open to all types - painting contractors, lawyers, housewives, doctors, students. That place would have a lot of life, no stuffiness. If that part ever takes off, I'd be there in blue jeans every day.
I'm an RN currently working full-time as an occupational health administrator in a manufacturing environment in Kansas. The economy has me a bit nervous - the product my plant manufactures is a high dollar luxury item ($250K). I don't want to go back to working night shift, weekends, and holidays at the local hospital if this plant goes tits up, and I'm not willing to relocate. I'll be 50 this summer, and I have a grandbaby in this county. I'm rooted down.
Nearly everything I've tried so far is already taken. I'm not a very trusting individual, so I haven't been running any ideas past other people cuz I'm scared they'll steal my plan and run with it.
Some of the words I've tried are: rain, moon, luna, sun, wind. I've also tried to cook up something that isn't a real word, but that has turned out sounding like I'm high or something.
I'd also like something that could tie to an easily recognizable logo.

OK, I obviously could go on and on, but need to save some of my babble just in case someone runs with this and has a question.

Thanks so much for opening the door for me...

in kansas


so let me get all this straight. You want to find a domain name, that you can use for a business. This business would be a skin care business, and would be totally internet/mail order.

It would be pretty easy to set something like that up.

This is what I would do:

- Purchase the domain
- apply for sales & use tax ID
- Incorporate Business
- get hosting
- have someone design your site
- get mailing address (P.O. Box/MailBoxEtc)
- get toll free number (ureach.com, myown888.com)
- get a wholesale account with skincare company
- start advertising
- hope for customers

If you need any help, I can help you out. I use to run a web hosting company, so I have knowledge of starting a small-business. Also, I know about the legal stuff that goes along with opening a new business.

Good Luck

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