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One spot only - 20,000 targeted US visitors for $45.00

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Feb 15, 2004
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Hey all,

First person to post SOLD gets 20,000 categorically targeted United States visitors for $45.00.

The traffic will be supplied by www.SuperiorTraffic.net, which currently offers 20,000 US+category targeted visitors for $55.00, or $49.40 with a returning customer discount. The person who purchases this traffic will have the opportunity to request a username and password for the site, which makes him/her eligible for the 10% off returning customer discount (on following orders.)

There are other discounts available as well. More information can be found on the site.

To read more about the traffic, have a look at www.SuperiorTraffic.net.

Remember, there is only one package available. The first person to post SOLD gets it!
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