Offers Wanted,, 150 related domains


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Oct 13, 2019
Newmarket, Ontario
I have a project group of domains which starts with;
... and ~140 additional city/town domains in Ontario.

The perfect package for a city business listing, magazine, etc., based in Canada. Have been collecting for ~15 years, one at a time. (There are 400,000 businesses in these cities, so this is an SEO/businessman's dream collection, as you own the address).

Haven't had time to evolve them as intended, though they deserve something like this:

Will consider a good offer at this moment for the collection. They are worth more together, I won't break them up. This is a rare opportunity to take advantage of 15 years of collecting!

- Offers welcome!
- Alternate suggestions for where to sell a collection also very welcome.
- Suggestions on what the value of the collection might be worth also very welcome. I'd appreciate input.

Thanks in advance for the consideration!