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Dec 12, 2005
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All are ending Sat and Sunday.

Many good domains with highly searched terms. Here's my eBay store:


Here is a partial list of the domains:

JFKBIOGRAPHY.COM - This is one of those phrases that will be searched as long as the internet is around. Right now, almost 6 decades since John F Kennedy's Presidency, the phrase 'JFK Biography' is searched thousands of times per month. The potential to find an enduser who has a book, movie, TV show, etc... about JFK makes this a good opportunity. Or, make it into a site and make money as an affiliate.

FDRBIOGRAPHY.COM - FDR stands for Franklin D Roosevelt, another great President who is always a big interest online. This exact phrase gets searched thousands of times month after month. Great potential just as with the JFK biography domain.

OBAMAINAUGURATIONSPEECH.COM This domain phrase will no doubt get highly searched in the coming months. Plus, it will have long lasting value because of the historic nature of the speech. Terrific Obama domain and it comes with a website/blog.

THESTRIPLASVEGAS.NET This exact phrase gets searched 49,500 times a month! Great domain for Vegas. Worth thousands to an enduser. The date of the terrorist attck on the uS. A date that will always be remembered. To give you an idea of the value, a lower quality similar domain sold for $560.

BILLCLINTONSPEECH.COM - This domain phrase is getting searched thousands of times per month. Another domain with long lasting value.

VIDEOSTRAFFIC.COM - Two amazing keywords together to make a great domain. This domain would be perfect for a marketer who does video marketing and/or teaches others how to.

RAREBLOG.COM This really is a rare blog. Name says it all. Someone will love to have this domain as their blog.

JFKSPEECH.COM This term gets searched about 10,000 times month after month 60 years after JFK was making speeches. Long lasting value. Estibot appraisal $860! - This is a fantastic domain just made for the ultimate Internet Marketing B2B directory. This is a gold mine for someone and the exact phrase gets searched thousands of times every month. You will have an advantage right off the bat by having this great domain. This term gets searched almost 100,000 times a month!

LITTLEITALYNEWYORK.NET Terrific domain for a famous neighborhood of New York. Easily worth 5 figures to the right enduser.

CRURIS.COM One word domain for a medical condition men get. Lucrative niche. This is another phrase which gets searched thousands of times per month just as it is. Geo domains like this have long lasting value, especially for a great city like Vegas.

HARLEMNEWYORK.INFO Great domain for a famous neighborhood of New York. To give you an idea of the vaue, sold for $300.

EATFAIR.COM Excellent two word domain name. Could be worth thousands to the right enduser. Very brandable. - Awesome domain! This exact keyword phrase gets searched hundreds of times per month. You could make a killing by making a site that teaches people how to become internet marketers. This domain will help you. Affiliate income domain name. Perfect for a site about making money with affiliate marketing.

FORECLOSURESBY.COM Terrific foreclosure name that actually gets searched just as it is 6,600 times a month. people want to find foreclosures by a certain area so they search this phrase. Obviously a very lucrative niche.

BOISECITY.INFO Boise City is a good sized city in Idaho and there's alos one in Oklahoma. Dot info city domains usually sell for five figures at least. I have recent sales at the auction to compare.


GOTALE.COM - A short six letter domain that uses the word got before the main keyword ALE as a take off of the "Got Milk" commercial. These domains with got in front are used pretty often and many domains have sold for 3 and 4 figures. I have examples of other sales at the auction. One example: sold for $4,600 earlier this year! is one of the best available IMO. Excellent domain name! Here's why: very lucrative niche, "commercial loan" is searched over 160,000 times a month, and "loan zone" is a widely used term! Combine these three reasons and you have a Premium domain name!

AJUGGERNAUT.COM A great name for marketing site or perhaps a blog for someone who thinks of themselves as a juggernaut. This phrase gets seached a lot. The word Juggernaut by itself gets searched 135,000 times a month. Very brandable. Terrific premium advertising domain name. This is a domain waiting for a company and website. Two important keywords that go together perfectly. Ads Impress! This is a term that gets searched quite often as it is. The wine niche is a great niche and this domain is easy to remember, simple and keyword rich. 5 letter domain that is easy to remember and very brandable. Of course three As stands for quality and is used by many companies in their names.
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