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May 9, 2006
I am happy to announce our partnership with Namescon Europe. This year in Portugal in the small town of Cascais just outside Lisbon:

NamesCon Europe is where top-level decision makers from across the domain industry gather to share ideas and form new partnerships. This event promotes communication between registrars, registries and—most importantly—registrants to push the evolution of the global domain market.

Join us for an intimate, fast-paced gathering in a truly unforgettable setting: Cascais, Portugal, which is right near Lisbon. This seaside resort town is famous for its beaches, spas, cuisine, and nightlife. You’ll be coming for one reason, but you’ll find many more reasons to stay!

Namescon has been gracious enough to provide all users with a discount for the tickets. Please use the banner below to book your ticket for the price of 399 EUR instead of 549 EUR.

Further one lucky person will be getting a FREE ticket. More details will be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned.
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