Paying 10 years revenue for Certified Premium Domains

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Feb 28, 2004
oh my gosh....
self promotion is not the point here- he is BUYING and has the right to buy what fits into his criteria whether we agree or not- if you have these domains, great- if you dont, move to another thread-
he was short, to the point and stated what he wanted- there was no fluff-
if he would have said: "I believe in my certified valuation system so much that I am willing to pay 10 years revenue for a certified dot com with traffic" he would have gotten slammed for that too, dont be fooled there-

he is buying that which he displays on premium domains, and he has the right to ask for names that fit those qualifications-

this is a simple attack on the french guy-
Oh the smoke and mirrors. If he had said the following:

1. Use my Cybertonic Premium Domains Evaluator tool to determine your score
2. If your score is > 700 I will buy based on 10x the annual revenue

...then it would have been very straightforward.

The problem is, his criteria are biased and the "certification" is questionable. Don't get me started here.

Did you see me here advertising the vertues of our free valuation service?
Yes. When you quote mumbo-jumbo such as "score of 700 or greater" that's advertising your own certification/evaluation service at Premium Domains. Even the thread title makes it evident.
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