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Pinchin Ideas !!

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May 3, 2002
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i had the bright idea of e-mailing a few broadband and adsl suppliers with a short storyline, about 7 days ago..trying to sell off a few Broadband domains..such as SurfPlusTalk.com..SurfOnTalk.com and SurfWithTalk.com

you will never guess what next..........eh............... ???

British Telecom now have pop up ads on Altavista etc advertising Surf+Talk as their new broadband slogan .....
would you credit that one ???????.....and they didn't even buy the stupid name for a measly $5000 or give any recognition.
c'est la vie i suppose.....now i'm keepin some lazy ass goin on marketing ideas for not a red cent ......a bit annoying .....LOL

I,ll paste the e-mail below ...it is worth a laugh if nothing else !!

ANY VIEWS APPRECIATED (even bad ones deserved for naievety)
regards KLICKMARKET !!
From: <klickmail@dsl.pipex.com>
To: <Jonathan.Hazeldine@bt.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 16:27:09 +0100

Hi Jonathon, :mad:

A little anecdote that I know you will appreciate!!

I was driving home from work with a car full of passengers, late last week having listened to an Advert for Broadband on the local Radio station...
One of the gang who has a home p.c. working on a 56kbps modem enquired as to how signing up for Broadband would speed up his computeras per the Advert.
I spent the next 30 mins explaining to "Mr Average, and the other pair", that BROADBAND couldn't speed up his P.C.as implied in the ad, but it would enhance his Internet download speeds for his Morpheus mp3 files by 10 times minimum, would allow him to play fast "Real Time" online games, and if he wasn't in a Cable catchment area, BT can supply him with Broadband access through various ISPS, (including BT) on which he could run Internet and telephones on a single connection.

My totally gobsmacked technical assistant (who is really quite bright at times) asked why they don’t tell people (that’s most of the country ) what they could actually really gain from Broadband.
I was at a loss to explain this particular advert, but managed to convince him to contact BT in the first instance to see if he was in a viable zone for Broadband connection , then to try BT or PIPEX (ADSL) with whom i signed up with 3 months ago, with some guidance from the local CYBER GEEK.

What was the telephone number they gave for contact he asked ?...sorry i dont know i replied..i dont remember numbers as well as i do names i replied.

Why on earth he said, do they not advertise a nice easy MEMORABLE DOTCOM like... RUNBROADBAND.COM or SURFPLUSTALK.COM... ... for us to type straight into our Browser Bars, so we could go straight onto their website and sign up online instead of phoning up??

I then had to admit to him that B.T. didn't have RUNBROADBAND.COM, or SURFPLUSTALK.COM..ETC ..........as they were registered ages ago by someone else.
Well why dont they get one like those above so that people will remember how to contact them, as i get mixed up with all the different names, and access types !! and so on, its just a maze he replied and I wouldn’t phone up to connect anyway he replied !!

I then had to admit that it was all my fault..... that he wasn't hearing his preferred dot coms on the radio, as i own a lot of them !!...and hadn't told BT etc that i had them !!

My secret was out and so was his temper.....as he berated me for withholding this information from people like himself, and that i had better get my act together and let you know where these DOT COMS were.......

.So only because he is bigger than me, and an occasional headcase, could you please have a look at www.klickmarket.com/home.htm/3g.html as he says he will eat my head if i don’t tell you !!

Hoping this finds you in the same good humour as it left me ?

best regards
( klickmail@dsl.pipex.com )
(+ g0rdon@g0rd0n.freeserve.co.uk for whois)..

This IS a True story except he used the name WWW.BROADBAND.COM which isnt mine,
and is on offer by others at a silly US$975,000...(MINE IS A LOT CHEAPER !! ..LOL )
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Apr 10, 2002
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I like your approach. :)

Problem with BT is their heads are you know where. LOL

I too have a couple of adsl names if you are interested?
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