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Sep 4, 2002
lets meet in the middle $75 USD and its yours.

Although selling and soliciting is not permitted in this section, when you make such statements above, then initially, it can be taken seriously.
and someone could post "sold".

then, what if that happened and you backtracked, like the statement as below

Do you really think I would sell you a $500 name for $75? lol.
so, from that....what are the potential outcomes?

If and when you post in this section, then have you to be able to accept the opinion of whomever decides to respond.
take it for what it is and if/when you think it's worth more or want to elaborate on it's value, then feel free to do so....
as anyone who responds, may not be aware of those possibilities, that you can bring to the table of discussion.
in the end, don't take it personally



The domain, to me is a nice 3 worder and has simple clear message, where the visitor is looking to place a free call
probably somebody in the phone card aff program, could convert any traffic, especially if there are some type-ins

i think mid $$$ is good reseller range with room to upsell.

Good Luck!