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developed PlayerLeagues.com sports forum and 10 other forums for sale

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Jun 8, 2008
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Hello everyone. I am selling 11 of my forum sites.

Some are ranked PR1s either on the main page or main forum page. We had an aggressive linking campaign so I expect an increase in PRs in the coming weeks or months.

Each forum already has thousands of threads and posts. A good number of them either have hundreds or thousands of pages indexed already by Google and Yahoo.

I haven't monetized them yet via Adsense and affiliate programs as I focused on content and traffic building first.

GameCrusader.com ($120)
Discussion Forum On Everything About Games in Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, WII, Gameboy, PC and Internet. The site is good for selling gameboxes and game software.

PlayerLeagues.com ($350)
Discussion Forum On Everything About NBA, World Cup, Wimbledon, PGA Tour, Major League Baseball, NFL and all other major sports leagues. The site is ideal for selling sports paraphernalia or for sports betting affiliates

MenstrualDisorder.com ($800)
Discussion Forum on Menstruation and Menstrual Disorders. The site can be used to sell female health products.

SoftwareTerminology.com ($350)
Discussion Forum on Software Terms, Definitions and Questions. The site suitable for selling software packages or software tools.

InsulinUsers.com ($300)
Discussion Forum on Insulin Questions. The site is very good for offering
Insulin/Diabetic products to its visitors.

WifiDiscussion.com ($320)
Discussion Forum on Wifi Questions. The site is perfect for offering wifi
equipment, software and services.

IdolUpdate.com ($350)
Authoritative Forum on all Idol, Got Talent, European and Dancing With Stars Shows. Entertainment products are ideal items to offer to the site’s visitors.

AerobicPrograms.com ($250)
Authoritative Forum on Aerobic and other fitness programs. Health and fitness products sold directly or via affiliate programs are suitable for
visitors of these sites.

SnorkelingAdventure.com ($750)
Authoritative Forum on Snorkeling Activities. Travel packages are ideal products to offer. The best would be adventure travel packages.

Arithmetize.com ($250) (rare 1-word domain)
Authoritative Site on Arithmetic Questions like Mathematics, Trigonometry,
Geometry, Algebra and Calculus. You can sell a lot of educational software products here.

PensionManagers.com ($400)
Discussion Forum On Pensions, Pensions Funds, 401k and Pension Companies. The forum is an ideal place to offer personal finance products.

Check here for more info on these forums such domain appraisals, backlinks, traffic, Alexa rankings, related domain sales, PPC, Overture, and Wordtracker: Forum Stats

I will give you 1 year free hosting in my web host.

I accept payments only via Paypal.

If you have questions, I'd rather you send them via PM and not post them here. Many thanks!


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Jun 8, 2008
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GameCrusader.com (sold!)
PlayerLeagues.com (sold!)
MenstrualDisorder.com (sold!)
SoftwareTerminology.com (sold!)
InsulinUsers.com (sold!)
WifiDiscussion.com (sold!)
IdolUpdate.com (sold!)
AerobicPrograms.com (sold!)
SnorkelingAdventure.com (sold!)
Arithmetize.com (sold!)
PensionManagers.com (sold!)

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