Please Appraise Portfolio Of Cannabis / Marijuana Domain Names

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Apr 1, 2014
Erie, Pa

I realize that posting a text wall of domain names is not the ideal way to ask for appraisals. That said feel free to comment or appraise any of these names that pop out at you. I do own all of them as specified in the forum rules. I welcome your thoughts on the short and medium term value of these names as well as cannabis / marijuana domain names in general.

Some of the names are specific to Denver such as popular neighborhoods or highly developed streets.

Thanks for reading!


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Jul 6, 2012
You have got to be careful with handregs. Most of what's available is garbage. I've personally only had success with 1 hand reg but have resold plenty of aftermarket domains. Check the forums, auctions and drops. You'll likely make more money.
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