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Please can you answer my this huge doubt?


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Jul 10, 2023
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Hey guys,

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong topic.

But moving to the point, currently I have a domain www.modplayz.com I was creating posts and articles on it. However, I was unable to express my seo skills. So what I decided was to write articles in form of static websites. So, rather than writing article, I would create a subdomain of my domain. For ex, rather than writing an article on pikashow app on the main website, I would creating a subdomain like abc.modplayz.com and write almost a 3000 word article or something. Is this a good way becoz I can edit meta tags in html for each separate sub domain as all are different websites with different html ...

Also, can someone share me a free and efficient way of creating dofollow backlinks for my domain. Because I really want to improve the backlink profile of my website. So can someone share me a free and trusted way to gain legit backlinks!!

Also, while creating different subdomains, will my backlinks for main domain itself will boost the article or should I again create different backlinks for my sub domains.

Hope someone answers my doubts and questions!!

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