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Oct 12, 2003
Lately this forum is being abused as an attempt to sell domains here. In some cases it is unintentional, but in others it is a deliberate attempt to avoid spending a few dollars to enjoy the benefits the forum has to offer and to participate openly in buying, selling, and other aspects of the marketplace.

So to reiterate the rules that have been stated:

You must put the domain name in the post. In the case where you are listing more than one domain do NOT try to create threads for each one. Put them together in one post. Also don't just dump a big list of hundreds of domains. That shows your lack of interest in opinions and only serves to give the impression of listing for hopeful sales/interest.

You must respect the opinion from other members - name calling or personal attack is not allowed. Members have been very good about this and there is no problem there.

Only post your opinion about the name - Do not post irrelevant information. An appraisal should ideally consist of some kind of value and perhaps the reasoning behind that evaluation.

You MUST own the name - You are not allowed to post the name(s) that you do not own. There have been threads and attempts by people to list domains they are thinking of buying, or looking for ideas around a concept. This is not the forum for that.

Please Do Not create more than 2 appraisal threads per day. This doesn't mean listing a bazillion domains in one thread. Pick a few domains you are genuinely interested in hearing opinions/valuations on and list them - not more than twice per day.

I recommend everyone who wants to sell domains get at least the platinum package. If you are serious about golfing you buy a set of clubs. If you are serious about gaming you buy a good computer. If you are serious about most things you get the tools to enable you to do it seriously. It is not a lot of money and you pay *once* in your lifetime.


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May 9, 2006
You should be able to post in appraisals. Just not post new threads in the marketplace